VALLEJO offline for the afternoon commute

An update from the City of Vallejo:

The MV VALLEJO will be offline for repairs until tomorrow afternoon. For the afternoon commute today we will be replacing the Giants ballpark boat with 6 Vallejo Transit buses. The ballpark boat will become a commute boat and there will be no disruption in the ferry commute schedule. In order to cover the ballpark return we will have to use the previously scheduled SF Ferry Building back-up buses for return service from AT&T park. This means that there will be no backup buses at the SF Ferry Building for the 430pm and 515 ferries. The 430 will be the MV MARE ISLAND with a capacity of 300, and the 515 will be the MV SOLANO with a capacity of 300. We will be providing backup buses from Coach 21 for the 6pm and 715pm departures.