Vallejo Ferry Repower Project – Schedule Change Effective December 27, 2010

The following was provided by Baylink Ferry Service …

Notice of Ferry Schedule Change
Effective Monday, December 27, 2010 
The Ferry Repower Project for the vessels INTINTOLI and MARE ISLAND will start at the end of December.  The project is expected to complete in February 2012.  These vessels are now in their 13th year of operation and they are getting tired from a main machinery standpoint.  The vessels have an economic life of 25 years and have come due for a mid-life repower and refurbishment.
The Vallejo City Council recently approved a contract with Nichols Brothers shipyard in Freeland, Washington to undertake the work.  Each vessel will have all machinery and equipment replaced, all new paint, and the passenger cabins will undergo a complete rehabilitation.  The repowered vessels will be cleaner, brighter, a bit faster, and more reliable.
The INTINTOLI will leave for Washingtonin early January and will return in July 2011.  As soon as she is placed back into service the MARE ISLAND will transit to Washington for the same work, she will return in February 2012.  For the duration of the project, the Baylink ferry service will be down to three vessels.  The weekday operating schedule will be served by two vessels instead of three as is the current practice.  The third vessel will be offline for maintenance and repairs, and function as a backup.
The weekday schedule will not change, however we will be substituting bus departures for ferry departures as follows: 
  1. The 7:00am Vallejo ferry departure will be serviced by two Route 200 buses.
  2. The corresponding 8:10am SF ferry departure will be serviced by one Route 200 bus.
  3. The 4:05pm Vallejo ferry departure will be serviced by one Route 200 bus.
  4. The corresponding 5:15pm SF ferry will be serviced by a total of six Route 200 bus trips (two existing and four additional) as follows:
  • The regular 4:50pm Route 200 bus trip will delay until 5:00pm
  • One additional Route 200 bus will depart SF at 5:00pm
  • Two additional Route 200 buses will depart SF at 5:15pm
  • The regular 5:40pm Route 200 bus will now depart at 5:30pm
  • One additional Route 200 bus will depart SF at 5:30pm
 All substitute bus trips will operate on a load-and-go basis, that is they will depart as soon as capacity is reached.  We will have supervisors on-hand when this service change starts in order to manage the transition process.  If any adjustments are warranted, a notification will be made.
All other ferry and bus departures are unaffected.  The scenario outlined above maintains the current schedule and ultimately affects the least number of our regular commuters.
This schedule change will become effective on Monday, December 27th and will end upon the return of MARE ISLAND.  We appreciate your patience during this critical ferry repower project and look forward to bringing two brand new ferry boats back into the ferry lineup with the completion of this project.