Transportation Authority of Marin Rideshare staff on-site at Larkspur Ferry Terminal and San Francisco Ferry Terminal on Wed., Dec. 18

Want to pay less for parking? Looking for another way to get to the Larkspur Ferry Terminal? Share the ride, share the cost!

Staff from the Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) will be on-site at Golden Gate’s Larkspur and San Francisco Ferry Terminals on Wednesday, December 18 to talk about Carma, the smartphone app that matches drivers with riders to share rides. Fill those empty seats in your car and use the HOV lanes on 101 and HOV parking at the Larkspur Terminal! Or get a ride to the Ferry Terminal and share the cost of parking!

To get started, install the mobile app (available from the iPhone and Android stores), set up an account, and enter your usual commute trip. Then search for others going your way. Once a match is found, you can message them through Carma or call them, arrange to meet, and share the trip. Carma works with irregular schedules too, so you can set up one-time trips for now or later.

Once you download the app and set up an account, you’ll receive $5 in ride credit to your account. And for a limited time, Marin Carma users will receive a $10 Amazon gift card just for sharing their first trip. The more people who sign up and enter their trip information, the larger the pool of riders and drivers you’ll have to match with.

Visit for more information.

Save time, save money, save the environment! Share the ride!