TransLink name changes to Clipper on June 16

Apparently the name TransLink (which is almost self explanatory) was too generic so on June 16th, the TransLink system will become Clipper (which is way to peppy for morning travelers). Curious as to why I visited the TransLink web site and found the following here .

Why is the name being changed?

Now that the system is fully operational on five transit agencies – Muni, BART, AC Transit, Caltrain and Golden Gate Transit and Ferry – it is available to the majority of Bay Area transit riders.

Giving the system a new name and logo helps make it more appealing to potential customers and also takes away any confusion with other local programs such as FasTrak, Fast Pass, as well as several other transportation programs around the world that are also named TransLink.

Golden Gate Ferry riders can find information about TransLink/Clipper here: Using TransLink on Golden Gate Transit and Ferry

I expect to see interesting comments below about this.