Tideline aims to expand Ferry Service with crowd funding voting to pick route

Tideline is using crowd funding to decide how to expand its increasingly popular ferry service. Using a novel and clever approach, they are pre-selling tickets to 3 possible additions on Indiegogo.com. The one which reaches the goal first will win, while the the others will simply not be charged (because the goal will not have been met) and those routes will have to wait for the next expansion.

Currently there is a close race between expanding the existing Berkeley to San Francisco Pier 40 service and the¬†Berkeley to San Francisco Pier 1.5 service. The third possible addition is from Oakland’s Jack London Square to San Francisco Pier 40.

To vote for the route you want to see added, follow these links and vote with you wallet by committing to purchase tickets for that route should it win:

San Francisco, Pier 40 (AT&T Park) – Oakland, Jack London Square

SF, Pier 40 (AT&T Park) – Berkeley Marina, University Ave.

SF, Pier 1.5 (by Ferry Building) – Berkeley Marina, University Ave.

Competition between the two Berkeley routes may be fueled, in part, by the free parking offered at the  Berkeley Marina.

Vote early and often!