Tiburon Riders: Use of Commute Books After December 5, 2016

dscn5729Tiburon Riders, we have received the following letter from Blue & Gold Fleets regarding commute book ticket use after the December 5th transfer to Golden Gate Ferry.
November 8, 2016

Dear Tiburon Commute Riders,

A few of you have inquired about the use of Blue & Gold Fleet commute book tickets after the transfer of service to Golden Gate. We are still expecting a December 5, 2016 transfer. Golden Gate Ferry has agreed to accept Blue & Gold Fleet tickets for 90 days after the transfer. In addition, Blue & Gold Fleet will accept commute book tickets on our mid-day service up to one year after the transfer date or you can return tickets for a refund. Please do not ask the deckhands for a refund on the ferry but return unused ticket books to:

Blue & Gold Fleet
C/O Arlene Vea
Pier 41, Marine Terminal
San Francisco, CA 94133


Pat Murphy
Director of Operations