Tiburon Riders: Blue & Gold Fleet Updated Schedule for remainder of 2016

We just received the following update from the Blue & Gold Fleet for Tiburon Riders:

Tiburon Update                                                                                December 20, 2016

Happy Holidays to our Tiburon passengers.

Beginning tonight and for the last two weeks of the year, there will be adjustments to the schedule as a result of required maintenance on several of our vessels. We regret the inconvenience and also thank you as we are planning for the transition to Golden Gate Ferry at the beginning of the year. Please accept our gratitude for your ongoing flexibility.

The BAY MONARCH will be replaced by the ROYAL STAR for both the AM and PM commute service. The schedule will be adjusted as follows:


Depart TIB                           Arrive FB                             Depart FB                            Arrive TIB           

    5:35 AM                           6:10 AM                              6:10 AM                               6:45 AM

    6:50 AM                           7:25 AM                              7:30 AM                               8:05 AM

    8:10 AM                           8:45 AM                              8:50 AM                               9:25 AM

    9:10 AM ****                9:35 AM ****



Depart FB                            Arrive TIB                           Depart TIB                               Arrive FB           

    4:30 PM                            5:05 PM                            5:10 PM                                5:45 PM

    5:50 PM                         6:25 PM                               6:30 PM                             7:05 PM

    6:35 PM ****              7:05 PM ****                      7:10 PM ****                    7:40 PM ****

    7:35 PM                         8:10 PM

**** Serviced by a high-speed vessel.


Blue and Gold Fleet