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So I got a very nice and  polite email from someone today who wanted to know if the ferry schedule for the Giants games had changed for today. This despite the fact that I have been as diligent as possible in posting all updates from GGT and had a posting about this specific topic posted to the front page. OK Maybe he only had email access. Whatever the cause I want to make sure everyone gets it.

 THIS IS AN UNAFFILIATED WEB SITE OF FERRY RIDERS IN SAN FRANCISCO.  We are not sponsored, supported, cajoled, enticed or otherwise influenced by ANY transit organization, private or public, in ANY way. We are riders and/or fans of ferries and that is all.

You are welcome to join us at ANY time and to begin contributuing in any way you see fit (except monetarily). I let the ads on the site take care of the cost of hosting.

I hope that clears things up.

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