Fledgling South San Francisco ferry service struggles to find riders

We just came across this fascinating article about the South San Francisco ferry on the San Francisco Examiner web site.

Apparently things aren’t starting off too well for this fledgling new service.

The Peninsula-East Bay service that was launched with much fanfare in June has fallen far short of expectations. For the last week of February, the service averaged only 131 daily boardings — barely one-third of the projected ridership.

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So, since we here at San Francisco Ferry Riders think ferries are the cat’s pajamas when it comes to public transportation, we are looking for riders or non-riders of this service to tell us what they think. If you use, or COULD use, but don’t the South Bay Ferry Service, tell us how it is going. What do they do well and where do they fall short. And for those who don’t use it, why not?

Just leave a comment below. We’ll make sure they get the message.