Special Letter to Vallejo Baylink Riders from the Marine Services Manager

SF Ferry Riders must be getting pretty tired of the ongoing, non-stop issues related to the Baylink Ferry Service. It seems they might be better off sinking the damn Intintoli in the bay and renting peddle boats out to their riders.

Today’s notice indicates they almost couldn’t even get buses to service their riders (and the ones they did get will be late).

So Baylink has issued a special letter to their riders that you can read by clicking the link.

Here is the juicy bit.

We want to have a ferry waiting there for every trip you take.  When a ferry is not available, we will try our best to provide alternative bus transportation.  In the rare case where we have little or no advance warning of a mechanical failure on a ferry we often cannot find buses to provide the service.  We do apologize for each time that buses are used instead of a ferry, for those trips that are missed altogether, and for the disruption to your daily commute.

I feel their pain, but who is feeling YOUR pain?