Baylink Rider has a Question about Monthly Passes

A Baylink passenger sent us this question. Does anyone have an answer for them?

I only ride the 80 BayLink from Del Norte to Vallejo – one way. It is
not economical for me to purchase the monthly pass. What alternatives
are offered to obtain ridership under these circumstances that DO NOT
EXPIRE as was the case for the 10 Day Pass?
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  1. I don’t know if this helps, but on the Baylink site there is a Help Desk section ( ) and I noticed a link to a Baylink Brochure ( ). According to the brochure, Baylink offers 10 Ride Punch Cards for One-Way trips on the ferry. The punch cards go for $103 (or $65 if you are disabled, over 65, etc).

    If my math is correct, that would save you almost a $100 a month!

    Hope that helps.

  2. Oops. My bad. I didn’t notice you had an issue with the 10 day pass expiring.

    You should call Baylink because it doesn’t mention the pass expiring and they may have a better option.

    Sorry about that.

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