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Richmond Ferry
Richmond Ferry


The Richmond Ferry, operated by San Francisco Bay Ferry, provides service between Richmond, CA and the San Francisco Ferry Building. Crossing time is 35 minutes.

This is not the first ferry service to connect Richmond and SF. The original service began back in 1999, then operated by Red and White Fleet Service, and lasted up through the late 2000s until the dot-com bubble burst, causing ridership to plummet and making the service economically unsustainable. However, interest in renewing a ferry service from Richmond to San Francisco never waned and, after years of planning and delays, ferry service between Richmond and San Francisco was relaunched on January 10, 2019.

Now, commuters in Richmond have another, more relaxing option to get into the city with the Richmond Weekday commuter ferry service, and, for a limited time, you can take a jaunt into the city on weekends with the new Richmond Weekend ferry service.

During the weekday, the Richmond ferry to SF runs four morning departures with the first departing from Richmond Ferry Terminal at 6:10 AM and the last one departing at 8:40 AM. Evening service from Richmond is limit to two departures at 5:15 PM and 6:05 PM.

For those riders taking the ferry from San Francisco Ferry Building to Richmond during the week, you have the option of two morning departures, 6:25 AM and 7:55 AM, and four evening departures with the first one being 4:30 PM and the last being 7:10 PM.

The weekend Richmond Ferry service, running between August 3rd, 2019 and November 3rd, 2019, has a total of five departures from Richmond beginning at 9:30 AM and ending with the last departure at 6:45 PM.

If you’re riding from San Francisco to Richmond on the weekends, you should know that there are also five total departures with the first one at 10:15 AM and the last one at 8:20 PM.

The Richmond ferry weekend service trial period has ended and the weekend ferry service has been removed for the winter season.

Richmond Ferry Amenities


All vessels servicing the Richmond to San Francisco ferry route are equipped with FREE WiFi on board. Bandwidth is limited and coverage can be very spotty in various parts throughout the Bay, so only the most basic of computing tasks like email, text messaging and light web browsing can be accomplished. Any serious work you need to do will probably need to wait until you are in the confines of your home or office on a better internet connection. If work can’t wait and you need to do it on the ferry, it may be worth investing in a personal hotspot like the ones provided by Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and other providers.


To make your commute between Richmond and San Francisco as stress free as possible, there is a snack and beverage bar on board, which includes alcohol such as beer, wine and spirits. Snacks include your typical candies and chips and sodas. For morning commuters, donuts and pastries are available for purchase as well as coffee.

Bike Racks

There is ample bike storage onboard the Richmond Ferry for those of you who like to bike to/from the ferry or to/from your place of employment. With that said, it is still advised that those riders with bikes arrive early to ensure there’s a spot available on the rack for your bike. Finally, it must be noted that all bikes, including folding bikes and electric bikes, as well as electric scooters, must be stored in the bike racks on the Richmond Ferry.


There are restrooms onboard the Richmond Ferry. The number varies depending on the vessel being used for the route.

ADA Compliant

The Richmond Ferry is wheelchair accessible and also includes at least one wheelchair accessible restroom.