Alameda/Oakland Ferry Schedule

The Alameda/Oakland Ferry, operated by San Francisco Bay Ferry, provides weekday, weekend and holiday service between Alameda, Oakland, and San Francisco, CA.

Current schedules are effective through November 3, 2019.


Weekday Schedule

Alameda/Oakland to San Francisco

Depart OaklandDepart AlamedaArrive SF Ferry BuildingArrive SF Pier 41
* To SF via Oakland
---6:00 AM6:20 AM---
6:30 AM6:40 AM7:00 AM---
7:00 AM7:15 AM7:35 AM---
7:35 AM7:45 AM8:05 AM---
8:10 AM---8:40 AM---
---8:20 AM8:40 AM---
8:40 AM8:50 AM9:10 AM---
9:15 AM9:25 AM9:45 AM---
10:15 AM10:25 AM10:45 AM11:00 AM
11:00 AM10:50 AM *11:20 AM11:35 AM
11:40 AM11:30 AM *12:05 PM12:20 PM
1:55 PM1:45 PM *2:15 PM2:30 PM
2:40 PM2:25 PM *3:05 PM---
3:50 PM3:35 PM *4:20 PM---
4:30 PM4:15 PM *5:00 PM---
5:05 PM4:50 PM *5:30 PM---
5:55 PM5:45 PM *6:20 PM---
6:20 PM6:05 PM *6:50 PM---
7:05 PM6:55 PM *7:30 PM---
8:45 PM8:55 PM9:25 PM---

San Francisco to Alameda/Oakland

Depart SF Pier 41Depart SF Ferry BuildingArrive AlamedaArrive Oakland
* To Alameda via Oakland
---6:25 AM *7:10 AM6:55 AM
---7:05 AM *7:40 AM7:30 AM
---7:35 AM---8:00 AM
---7:45 AM8:05 AM---
---8:10 AM *8:45 AM8:35 AM
---8:45 AM *9:20 AM9:10 AM
---9:40 AM10:20 AM10:10 AM
---10:30 AM10:45 AM10:55 AM
10:50 AM11:05 AM11:25 AM11:35 AM
12:30 PM12:45 PM *1:20 PM1:05 PM
1:45 PM2:00 PM2:20 PM2:35 PM
---3:15 PM3:30 PM3:45 PM
3:30 PM---4:10 PM4:20 PM
---4:00 PM4:20 PM4:35 PM
---4:30 PM4:45 PM5:00 PM
---5:20 PM5:40 PM5:50 PM
---5:40 PM6:00 PM6:15 PM
---6:05 PM6:35 PM6:45 PM
---6:30 PM6:50 PM7:00 PM
---6:55 PM7:15 PM7:25 PM
---7:35 PM7:55 PM8:10 PM
8:05 PM8:25 PM8:45 PM8:55 PM
---9:30 PM9:50 PM10:00 PM

Alameda/Oakland to South San Francisco

Depart AlamedaDepart OaklandArrive South San Francisco
6:25 AM6:40 AM7:20 AM
7:30 AM7:40 AM8:20 AM
8:00 AM8:10 AM8:50 AM

South San Francisco to Alameda/Oakland

Depart South San Francisco      Arrive Oakland      Arrive Alameda
4:20 PM4:55 PM5:10 PM
5:20 PM6:00 PM *5:55 PM
7:00 PM7:50 PM *7:35 PM
* To Oakland via Alameda

Weekend Schedule

Alameda/Oakland to San Francisco

Depart AlamedaDepart OaklandArrive SF Ferry BuildingArrive SF Pier 41
* To SF via Alameda
9:10 AM8:55 AM *10:15 AM9:40 AM
10:10 AM10:30 AM10:55 AM11:10 AM
10:40 AM11:00 AM11:25 AM11:40 AM
11:25 AM11:45 AM12:10 PM12:25 PM
12:10 PM12:30 PM12:55 PM1:10 PM
1:10 PM1:30 PM1:55 PM2:10 PM
1:40 PM1:55 PM2:20 PM---
2:55 PM3:15 PM3:40 PM3:55 PM
3:55 PM4:15 PM---4:45 PM
4:55 PM5:15 PM5:40 PM5:55 PM
5:40 PM5:55 PM---6:20 PM
7:40 PM7:55 PM---8:25 PM
9:10 PM9:25 PM9:50 PM10:05 PM

San Francisco to Alameda/Oakland

Depart SF Pier 41Depart SF Ferry BuildingArrive AlamedaArrive Oakland
10:00 AM10:15 AM10:35 AM10:50 AM
---11:00 AM11:20 AM11:35 AM
11:30 AM11:45 AM12:05 PM12:20 PM
12:30 PM12:45 PM1:05 PM1:20 PM
1:00 PM1:15 PM1:35 PM1:50 PM
2:15 PM2:30 PM2:50 PM3:05 PM
3:15 PM3:30 PM3:50 PM4:05 PM
4:15 PM4:30 PM4:50 PM5:05 PM
5:00 PM5:15 PM5:35 PM5:50 PM
5:30 PM5:45 PM6:05 PM6:20 PM
6:30 PM6:45 PM7:05 PM7:25 PM
7:00 PM7:15 PM7:35 PM7:50 PM
8:30 PM8:45 PM9:05 PM9:20 PM
10:15 PM10:30 PM10:50 PM11:00 PM

Holiday Schedule

Independence Day
Thursday, July 4
Special Schedule
Labor Day
Monday, Sept. 2
Weekend Schedule
Columbus Day
Monday, Oct. 14
Weekday Schedule

Terminal & Parking

Alameda/Oakland Ferry Terminal Map

The Alameda and Oakland Ferries provide year-round service from the East Bay to the San Francisco Ferry Building and Pier 41. A weekday-only commuter service also runs between Alameda, Oakland and South San Francisco, arriving at Oyster Point Marina terminal.

The Alameda Main Street terminal is located at 2990 Main St, Alameda, CA 94501. At the terminal, there is a parking lot able to accommodate 324 cars. If the main lot is full, additional parking spots are available approximately 1/4 of a mile west of the terminal at the O’Lot, which can accommodate an additional 121 cars. Parking is free at both lots. However, overnight parking is not allowed.

Also available at the Alameda ferry terminal are 20 secure electronic bicycle lockers, available via the BikeLink card system, and bike racks that can accommodate up to 62 bikes.

The Oakland Ferry terminal is located at the west end of Jack London Square near 10 Clay St, Oakland, CA 94607. There is no parking at the terminal. However, riders receive up to 12 hours of free validated parking at the 7-story parking garage located at 101 Washington St. Parking tickets must be validated at the ferry terminal and riders will be charged for any time over 12 hours. No overnight parking is allowed.

The parking garage is open the following hours:

  • Monday through Thursday: 5:30 AM – 1:00 AM
  • Friday: 5:30 AM – 2:00 AM
  • Saturday: 8:00 AM – 2:00 AM
  • Sunday: 8:00 AM – 1:00 AM

For riders taking AC Transit buses to and from the ferry, there are transfer discounts for Clipper Card users.

When transferring from the ferry to an AC Transit bus, the following fare discounts are applied:

  • Adults: $2.25
  • Youth: $1.10
  • Senior/Disabled: $1.10

The same discounts apply to the ferry fare when transferring from an AC Transit bus to the ferry.

Also available is the free Broadway Shuttle which provides weekday and weekend night connections between the Oakland Ferry terminal, BART and downtown Oakland offices. The weekday shuttle provides free service Monday through Friday during the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM between Embarcadero West (Jack London Square) and Grand Avenue. Shuttles run every 10 minutes during commute hours and lunchtime while running every 15 minutes all other times. The weekend night shuttle service runs Friday between the hours of 7:00 PM and 1:00 AM and Saturdays between the hours of 6:00 PM and 1:00 AM. The weekend shuttles run every 15 minutes and provide service between Embarcadero West (Jack London Square) and 27th street.

However, the shuttle does not operate on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, MLK Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


The current one-way fares for Alameda/Oakland to SF Ferry Building and SF Pier 41 ferry route are as follows:

Fare TypeOne-way Fare
Adult (cash fare)$7.20
Adult (Clipper Card)$5.40
Youth (5-18 years)$3.60
Seniors (65+ yrs), Disabled$3.60
Children under 5FREE
School groups$2.40
Short Hop$1.70
Short Hop Youth, Senior, Disabled$0.80

Alameda/Oakland to San Francisco ferry tickets may be purchased onboard at the time of departure or in person at one of the following places:

  • Visit Oakland: 481 Water St. in Jack London Square, Oakland
  • Bay Crossings: Located in the San Francisco Ferry Building
  • Blue & Gold Fleet: Pier 41 Ticket Booth in San Francisco

You are also able to purchase tickets through your mobile device via the Hopthru app which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The current one-way fares for the Alameda/Oakland to South San Francisco weekday commuter ferry route are as follows:

Fare TypeOne-way Fare
Adult (Clipper Card)$8.10
Youth (5-18 Years)$4.70
Seniors (65+ years), Disabled$4.70
Children under 5FREE
School Groups$3.10
Short Hop$1.70
Short Hop Senior, Disabled$0.80

Alameda/Oakland to South San Francisco ferry tickets may only be purchased onboard or via the Hopthru mobile app.

In some instances, like for busy holidays or weekends, a representative may be present at both the Alameda and Oakland ferry terminals to sell tickets to customers in line.

Finally, the Alameda/Oakland Ferry does provide service to Oracle Park on Giants Weekday Night, Weekend and Holiday games. Please check our SF Giants Ferry page for the complete schedule and ticket purchase information.