Hello San Francisco

Greetings! And welcome to San Francisco Ferry Riders.

We built this site so that the people who ride the ferries of San Francisco bay every day would have a place to share a little bit more of their lives with their fellow passengers. We thought it would be fun if there was a place to post those pictures of everyone flying kites off the back of the ferry. And maybe provide a place to share that recipe everyone was talking about on the ride home. You can share information on how your friend’s operation went! You get the idea.

Since many of you ride the same ferry every day, and see the same faces daily, it is our hope that by using and visiting this site, that daily commute might be a bit more fun (or at least more interesting).

So sign-up and join in! It is free and really quite easy.

And if you hate the idea, tell us why or how we can fix it!