San Francisco Bay Ferry – Vallejo Addresses Tuesday Morning Trip Cancellation

SF Ferry Riders has received the following letter explaining the sudden cancellation of the 07:00 AM ferry this (Tuesday, 11-13-2012) morning.

To our valued ridership,

We understand the impact that a cancelled departure has on your commute and appreciate the inconvenience that this causes both personally and professionally. A series of factors led to the missed trip today. To help you better understand the circumstances, here is a brief synopsis of the sequence of events that led to the cancellation of the 0700 trip this morning:

Late last night, we received word that the SOLANO had a waterjet control issue on the starboard jet when tying up for the night at Mare Island. A diagnosis was made and repair was planned for first thing this morning. This left three boats available for the morning commute. At approximately 0620 this morning, the number three boat (MARE ISLAND) experienced a hydraulic problem just prior to leaving Mare Island for the Vallejo Terminal. Once it was determined that this problem could not be addressed immediately, the call went out that there was no boat available for the 0700 departure. Calls were made to all of our bus service providers, however no buses were available. The 0700 vessel crew was sent over to the terminal to notify passengers and make sure everyone was accommodated on the 0745. A Cosmo back up bus made it up to Vallejo from San Francisco in time to back up the 0745, but was ultimately not needed.

Our primary concern is completing our scheduled service safely. Both of these mechanical issues are considered serious control related problems and the vessels are unable to operate safely in this condition. Both failures would also be considered uncommon in nature. We apologize for the lack of back-up service for the 0700, however it is very unusual to have two vessels down with critical issues like these and no bus back-up service available. We are addressing ways to tighten up the notification process to passengers on last minute cancellations or bus substitutions and hope to do better in the future.

Our Engineers have completed repairs on the SOLANO, and she has just returned from a successful sea-trial to verify normal operation. The MARE ISLAND hydraulic issue is still being diagnosed, however with the SOLANO ready for service, we anticipate no further service impacts today.

We appreciate your understanding and patience.
Thank you,
San Francisco Bay Ferry – Vallejo (Baylink)