Updated RUMOR: Potential Golden Gate Transit Ferry Strike – Friday – July 1

Update: The deck hands on the 4:25 boat have no news. The unions are apparently meeting now — we may not know anything until tomorrow morning.


The following is courtesy of 5:20 Larkspur Ferry Rider Patricia … THANKS Pat!


Everyone has probably heard already, but just in case

The ticket takers union MAY go on strike tomorrow, Friday, July 1. If they do, the deckhands union as well as the GGT bus drivers union will have to honor the strike, and so will the captains union (they may be part of the deckhands unionnot sure). This means no ferry tomorrow morning, and in addition, if the ticket takers for the ferry are the same union as the GG Bridge ticket takers, the bridge will be a nightmare. Most of us on the ferry this morning got a flyer when we landed in SF telling us of the potential for no ferry service tomorrow, but an explanation wasnt included.

When you get on the ferry tonight, ask a deckhand for an update, or one of the supervisors. Hopefully a decision will have been reached by then. If not, well you might want to take your laptop home tonight