Real-time Ridesharing Program to Larkspur Ferry Terminal

The Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) invites Golden Gate Larkspur Ferry riders to participate in a real-time ride sharing program aimed at improving air quality and reducing congestion in Marin County.

Real-time ride sharing offers all the benefits of carpooling without any of the commitment. You can drive in the HOV lane on Highway 101 and park at close-in HOV parking at the Golden Gate Larkspur Ferry Terminal without needing to keep a consistent schedule or a commitment beyond a single shared ride.

Sharing rides is good for you and for the environment because you can…

GO FASTER and use Highway 101 HOV lanes and HOV parking at the ferry terminal!
GO GREENER by reducing pollution and cars on the road!
GO CHEAPER by sharing the driving and the gas!
GO SMARTER with online technology that matches drivers and riders!

How is this ridesharing program different than regular carpooling?

  • Use your smart phone or computer to find and share rides immediately or in the future
  • Sign up as a rider or a driver or both
  • No long-term commitment to a regular carpool
  • Find a ride partner within minutes by calling or texting through the app
  • EARN CASH REWARDS AND INCENTIVES for rides shared during February!

Interested? Here’s how to sign up and find out more:

1. Join the WeGoMarin ride sharing program at
2. Download the Avego RTR App from the iPhone app store or from the Google app store (for Android users)
3. Start the app and login to start finding and sharing rides!Once you join, the WeGoMarin Beta team will contact you about how you can earn cash and prizes by sharing rides with your friends on Golden Gate Ferry.

Representatives from the Transportation Authority of Marin will be at the Larkspur Ferry Terminal on January 22, 23, and 24 to let you know about this program and answer any questions you might have. Look for them as you board your morning boat!