Pets on San Francisco Bay Ferry

Pets on San Francisco Bay Ferry

San Francisco Bay Ferry wants to ensure all passengers understand the policy for bringing animals aboard.

Pets — including comfort animals and emotional support animals — can only be brought aboard San Francisco Bay Ferry if they are within an enclosed carrier that can fit on your lap and they do not pose a threat to passengers or crew members. Trained service animals or service animals in training may be brought aboard provided they remain under the passenger’s control and do not pose a threat to passengers or crew members.

It is a misdemeanor to knowingly and fraudulently misrepresent oneself as the owner or trainer of a service dog, per California Penal Code 365.7(a).

This policy is included in the San Francisco Bay Ferry Passenger Code of Conduct, which you can view on their website. Given how many new passengers have come aboard in recent years, they want to make sure everyone understand the rules. Crews and captains will be actively enforcing the policy to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers.

They have more information and answers to frequently asked questions on their Pet Policy page.

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