An Apology from Vallejo Ferry Service

DSCN5913All Vallejo Ferry Riders, As you know, the Vallejo ferry service on June 15 was negatively impacted due to a mechanical failure on the ferry MARE ISLAND that occurred at 10:30 am as that ferry was arriving in San Francisco. The San Francisco Giants were playing a day baseball game, so WETA was well aware that it was already going to be a very busy, capacity challenged day. However, there was a plan in place to use a combination of ferries and Route 200 SolTrans buses to serve the crowds at the SF Ferry Building, while we used charter buses to return baseball fans to Vallejo direct from the ballpark. This plan was used on May 25 with good overall success.

With the mechanical failure on the ferry MARE ISLAND, and the loss of 660 seats to use for the afternoon ferry commute, our ability to serve all passengers in a timely manner was fully compromised late that morning. Immediately upon getting word of the mechanical failure, our staff reached out to all charter bus providers in the San Francisco Bay Area in order to arrange for additional backup bus capacity at the SF Ferry Building. Unfortunately, none of the charter bus companies could provide buses.We called them all back later in the afternoon to inquire again as to the availability of any buses that may have freed up due to cancellation. Unfortunately, there were no buses available.

For the balance of the afternoon commute we filled the three remaining operational ferries and the Route 200 buses for each departure from the SF Ferry Building, and by the 8:15 pm sailing we had served all passengers.

We realize that some passengers had a very long and cold wait at the Ferry Building for their return trip home. We apologize for the long wait time and the disruption in your travel plans. The ferry MARE ISLAND should be repaired and back into service sometime on Friday, pending sea trial. Until then we will be using buses to fill gaps both today and Friday morning.

On a related note, the ferry INTINTOLI which is currently undergoing a major machinery refit, will begin dock and sea trials in San Diego on Friday; if all goes well that ferry boat should be back in Vallejo by the end of June, ready for service. The extended absence of INTINTOLI (and her 349 seats) since late January has certainly stressed the other ferries serving the Vallejo route. We are looking forward to her return and the opportunity to increase passenger capacity and reliability on the Vallejo service, and give much needed attention to the other boats on the route.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience that our passengers endured yesterday and thanks for riding the ferry.