M.S. Marin

Early plans for the refurbishment of the M.S. Marin called for hot tubs and daybeds on the lower deck, but these were scrapped in place of bike storage for tourists.

Design Considerations Made by the GGBHTD:

When purchasing a tastefull yacht, you probably spent a great deal of time concentrating on its general structure, sea-worthiness, engine capabilities, square footage, and so forth. That’s all well and good and important too, but it’s the interior design of your boat that can truly make your yacht a home away from home. When hiring a decorator, here are some elements in her style to look for.

–A respect for nature

When you cruise, you are truly communing with the forces of nature and your yacht’s overall design should reflect a respect for nature and a desire to bring the beauty of the sea indoors. Luscious fabrics in shades of blues and greens (and yes, even orange) will give you the luxurious look you want without seeming out of place or overly garish.

–The little luxurious details

You and your guests want to feel like your stay on the yacht is a world apart from the ordinary, and nothing illustrates this better than the little luxurious details that a good interior designer will bring to her styling.

Look for a designer that insists on using imported fabrics and using them in interesting ways to tie a room together: hand applying coordinated fabric trim to lamp shades, for instance. Frescos on the ceiling and soft lighting to set a mood; angular tables placed at teasingly awkward heights; gold leaf on stairway balustrades and bathroom fixtures; a feeling of casual elegance in the engine room: little dabs of luxury make a big difference.