Golden Gate Bridge District Invites Public Comment on Toll Program

Beginning in late January 2019, the Golden Gate Bridge District invites members of the public to provide input on possible Golden Gate Bridge toll increases over the next five years at a series of in-person and digital open houses.

Members of the public are invited to provide comment on five toll options at open houses in Marin, Sonoma, and San Francisco counties, as well as online. Detailed information on the toll options and open houses is provided below and is available online here.

The public outreach plan for a proposed toll increase was approved at the December Board of Directors meeting and is part of the District’s regular five-year financial planning process. The new proposal follows the conclusion of the previous five-year toll program in July 2018. 

The District is seeking input on which of the five options the Board should consider for adoption in Spring of 2019. Any adopted toll increase would go into effect on July 1, 2019. 

“We look forward to hearing the public’s input on the options presented in our five-year toll proposal at our open houses,” said Denis Mulligan, District General Manager. “We take public comment very seriously and welcome the upcoming discussion about how to keep providing excellent service to our customers, whether you drive across the Bridge or ride our buses and ferries.”

The District projected it would need to raise $75 million over the next five years to match the rising cost of goods and services. That assumes the District maintain current operations and levels of service across the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Transit, and Golden Gate Ferry. The toll increase options presented in the proposal would raise between $75 and $100 million dollars over the next five years. 

Any revenue raised beyond the $75 million needed to fund the District’s operations would be used to improve transit service, especially on popular routes such as the Larkspur to San Francisco ferry service. For example, the District is looking to purchase a new ferry vessel and expand the number of daily ferry trips to meet the growing demand for the service.

In 2018, Golden Gate buses and ferries removed 20% of weekday commute traffic between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. from the Bridge, easing congestion for people driving from the North Bay into San Francisco.

The District welcomes all members of the public to attend and comment on the proposed toll increases at the following open houses: