Larkspur Ferry

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Larkspur Ferry
The Larkspur Ferry arrives at Larkspur Ferry Terminal


The Larkspur Ferry, operated by Golden Gate Ferry, provides weekday and weekend ferry boat service between Larkspur, CA and the San Francisco Ferry Building.

The ferry between Larkspur and San Francisco began service back in December, 1976 and is currently the most popular ferry route of the three routes operating by Golden Gate Ferry. At last count, in 2018, it totaled 1,660,272 ferry passengers annually and boasts an average weekday ridership of 8,509 passengers, 4,383 passengers on Saturdays and 3,621 passengers on Sundays and Holidays. Its highest ever recorded ridership day was July 21, 2006, Spare the Air Day, with a single day total of 13,340 passengers taking the ferry from Larkspur to San Francisco.

Currently, the Larkspur Ferry provides weekday ferry service beginning at 5:45 AM in Larkspur. During peak morning hours, ferry departures are every 30 minutes between 7:00 AM and 9:20 AM. The first afternoon departure from Larkspur is at 12:30 PM and the last one is at 8:50 PM. If you are coming from San Francisco on a weekday morning, your ferry service begins at 6:20 AM. In the evenings the last ferry from San Francisco to Larkspur is at 9:35 PM.

The weekend Larkspur Ferry to San Francisco schedule is much more abbreviated compared to the weekday. There are only four weekend departures out of Larkspur, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. For weekend service out of San Francisco to Larkspur, you’ll have to wait until the afternoon because no morning departures from the SF Ferry Building are available on the weekends. Service does not begin until 12:40 PM.



All vessels serving the Larkspur Ferry route have bike racks and can accommodate a varying number of bicycles depending on the boat. During weekday commuter service, the Larkspur Ferry route is usually served by high-speed catamaran class vessels which can accommodate up to 15 bicycles. For weekend service, a high-capacity Spaulding class vessel is typically used for the Larkspur Ferry route and it can accommodate up to 100 bikes. Folding bikes are allowed on the Larkspur Ferry, but are not to be placed in the bike racks. Instead, folding bikes need to be under a seat or another location deemed safe by a crew member. Electric bicycles are not allowed on the Larkspur Ferry.


The Larkspur Ferry is accessible for passengers using wheelchairs. Specifically for the route between Larkspur and San Francisco, wheelchair users do not need to use the wheelchair lifts, as inter-deck movement is not required to load and unload. There are wheelchair accessible restrooms available on all ferries, as well.


Golden Gate Ferry Awarded $5.9M to Purchase New High-Speed Ferry

Last week, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced that the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (District) was awarded a $5.9 million grant to help acquire a new high-speed ferry vessel that will enhance service reliability for its 2.5 million annual ferry riders. The newly announced funding will help Golden Gate Ferry increase its ferry fleet to eight passenger vessels.

Public Hearing Scheduled for Proposal for Means-Based Fare Discount on Golden Gate Ferry

The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District (District) Board of Directors voted unanimously on Friday, July 26, 2019, to set a public hearing to receive public comment on the establishment of “means-based fares” that would provide a fare discount for low-income riders on Golden Gate Transit regional bus routes and regular (non-special event) Golden Gate Ferry service. The public hearing is set for Thursday, August 22, 2019, at 9:00 a.m. in the Board Room, Administration Building, Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza, in San Francisco.