Ferry Boat Lineup During Dredging Project

The following is from City of Vallejo – Baylink Ferry Service:

We would like to thank you for your continued patience and cooperation during the Dredging Project as well as update you on the status of the project and its effects on ferry operations. The actual dredging aspect of the project (digging mud) is complete. We anticipate that the reinstallation of the Vallejo passenger float will be completed during the week of October 24th.

For the remainder of the project we are going to attempt to set a boat line-up schedule which takes into consideration the less than optimal temporary boarding situation with the VALLEJO while also limiting the use of the MARE ISLAND’S rather tired port main engine. SCORPIO is out of service for drydock repairs and maintenance.

Realizing that many of our riders appreciate knowing which boats will complete which departures; for the remainder of the dredging project the default boat line up will be as follows:

The SOLANO will complete the 5:30a, 7:45a, 10:00a, 2:00p, & 4:45p Vallejo departures, as well as the 6:35a, 8:55a, 11:20a, 3:30p & 6:00p San Francisco Ferry Building departures, and the 11:45a, 3:10p Pier 41 departures.

The VALLEJO will complete the 6:30a, 11:30a, 3:00p, & 5:45p Vallejo departures, as well as the 7:35a, 12:45p, 4:30p, & 7:15p San Francisco Ferry Building departures. One Vallejo Transit Bus will back up these departures, and the 6:55p Pier 41 departure.

The MARE ISLAND will complete the 7:00a & 4:00p Vallejo departures as well as the 8:30a & 5:15p San Francisco Ferry Building departures.

We will revise this line up when SCORPIO is available and as required by operational and maintenance requirements