Don’t expect help if attacked in San Francisco (UPDATED)

It seems San Francisco is full of over worked Police and citizens who are cowards.

This morning a SF Ferry Rider patron was attacked by a homeless person just a few feet from the San Francisco Ferry Building. While sitting on a bench at the corner of Steuart and Mission Streets, a man, who looked homeless did NOT appear homeless, appeared out of nowhere and punched her in the head while yelling an obscenity at her, then vanished.

The woman, who was wearing a neck brace due to a problem with a vertebrae in her neck, was left shaken and sore but does not appear to have suffered any serious injuries.

The saddest part of this story is that while this occured at a busy intersection during the busiest part of the commute, not a single bystander offered help or tried to stop the attacker. Even worse, due to the strain on resources caused by the “occupy” whackos (yes, we USED to be on your side), the Police, when called, were “too busy with other calls”. In fact the ONLY people willing to try and help were the security guards at One Mission who, after being informed of the attack, reviewed their security camera footage in the hopes of seeing either the attack, or the attacker. However the attack was just outside the range of the closest camera. But, at least they were interested enough to try.

Let me make this clear to the cowards who were on the street this morning and witnessed this attack. I WILL come to YOUR aid if I see something similar happen to you. As for the Police, I have respect for the difficult job you have, but is guarding a bank really more important than catching someone who is randomly punching strangers in the head? I believe politics must be running the SF Police rather than common sense.

So, if you find yourself under attack while in San Francisco, it looks like you are on your own.

Ed. Updated at 4:11 PM – The woman attacked does NOT think the person looked homeless. That was our mistake and we apologize to all the homless in San Francisco. She states that the man looked like any other business person in the city except for the rather large backpack he had on (not stuffed, just very large in size).

The best description of the suspect at this time is as follows. A black male, medium build, approx. 5′ 7″ or 5′ 8″ tall, wearing black pants, black jacket, black baseball hat and a very large brown backpack (not full) on his back. Keep an eye out for that backpack.

Also, the police department was finally willing to take information about this incident (that occured just before 8 AM today) at 3:40 PM, by phone! Totally unacceptable SFPD. You can do MUCH better!