Bus Substitutions Monday Evening 6/25/12

The M/V Vallejo and M/V Solano will remain off line for the remainder of the day (Monday 6/25/12).

The M/V Intintoli will complete the 3:20pm & 5:45pm Vallejo departures and the 4:30pm & 7:15p SFFB departures, along with the 6:55pm Fisherman’s Wharf/Pier 41 departure.

Coach 21 Buses will complete the 2:00p, 4:05p & 4:45p Vallejo departures and the 3:30p (3 Buses), 5:15pm (4 Buses), & 6:00pm (3 Buses) SFFB departures. One Coach 21 Bus will also complete the 3:10pm departure from Fisherman’s Wharf/Pier 41.


This update from the City of Vallejo