New Commuter Ferry to Enter Service In April, 2017

The Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) is pleased to announce the arrival of the M.V. Hydrus, the first of four “Hydrus Class” vessels that will join WETA’s San Francisco Bay Ferry fleet over the next three years. Hydrus Class vessels can carry 400 passengers and 50 bikes at an operating speed of 27 knots (31 miles per hour).  The Hydrus, which is expected to enter service in early April, will replace the M.V. Encinal on the Alameda/Oakland/San Francisco route.   

In addition to the four Hydrus Class vessels, three new high-speed North Bay vessels will join the fleet by 2019. The North Bay vessels will be capable of carrying 445 passengers and 50 bikes at an operating speed of 34 knots (39 miles per hour). The first high speed vessel is expected in late 2018 and will replace the M.V. Vallejo. Details at

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