Nasty Rumor about 5:20 boat to Larkspur – UPDATED

It is no secret that the “managers” at Golden Gate Transit do not like the “Spauldings”. These gorgeous old boats that are so reliable and hold so many people take as long as an extra 15 minutes to cross San Francisco bay.

Imagine the horror of having to spend an extra 10-15 minutes on San Francisco bay, watching the sun set behind the Golden Gate bridge, or just enjoying the fresh air on the back of the boat after a stress filled day at the office.

So we have heard a rumor, from reliable sources, that they plan to remove the 5:20 boat from the schedule.

Now this boat (which tonight, Jan 4, 2011 carried 292 passengers home) is the single most popular crossing of the day ( ANY day) and adding 292 passengers to the next crossing is going to result in safety issues with overloaded boats as well as long delays for those trying to get home.

For years the Golden Gate Transit managers have acted as though they actually HATE public transportation. So enough is enough.

Send them YOUR comments and emails by going to  and tell them to keep their stinking paws off  OUR boats!


The 5:20 p.m. San Francisco to Larkspur ferry will be discontinued as of Tuesday, February 1.

You may now expect an average of 242 MORE passengers for the 5:45 p.m. ferry ride. You better get there arely (VERY EARLY) if you don’t want to stand all the way back to Larkspur.

The new schedule can be found here:

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  1. So it turns out that the 5:20 PM boat from the San Francisco Ferry Building to Larkspur Landing averages over 240 riders every night! If they cancel the 5:20 PM boat, what boat(s) are these riders supposed to take?

    Remember, the 5:20 boat is a Spaulding and they carry a “boat load” more people than the maintenance plagued cats that would be used instead (and that are already quite full).

    What exactly is the agenda of the Golden Gate Transit management team? They seem to do everything possible to discourage riders form using the very services they manage!

  2. And another thing? We have heard that this plan is based on a need to reduce fuel costs.

    I would like to remind the management team that IF their primary goal was to PROMOTE the use of the ferries as an alternative to private transportation, that the fuller ferries would generate enough revenue to PAY for the fuel involved.


  3. Everything these people do is ANTI-rider. If they don’t have enough money they should concentrate on increasing ridership rather than cutting spending.


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