M.V. Napa out of service for next 3 departures – Aug 5

The following is from Golden Gate Transit …

Golden Gate Larkspur Ferry will replace the M.V. Napa with a Spaulding vessel (45-50 minute crossings) for the Napa‘s next 3 round trips for some mechanical work. Trips will operate as follows: 

  • Depart Larkspur @ 9:15a, Arrive SF 10a
  • Depart SF @ 10:10a, Arrive Larkspur @ 11a
  • Depart Larkspur @ 11:10a, Arrive SF @ 11:55a
  • Depart SF @ 12p, Arrive Larkspur @ 12:45p
  • Depart Larkspur @ 12:50p, Arrive SF @ 1:40p
  • Depart SF @ 1:45p, Arrive Larkspur @ 2:30p

The Napa is expected to return to service for the 2:50pm Larkspur departure. The M.V. Mendocino trips are not affected.

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One comment

  1. Is it just me, or do these new boats (the “fast” ones) suck? Personally, I
    would never ride anything but a “Spaulding” (Notice how they never use their names – The “San Francisco”, the “Marin”, the “Sonoma”) given the choice.

    Do you think anyone who manages Golden Gate Transit actualy USES Golden Gate Transit?

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