Golden Gate Transit bus service changes, effective June 12 & 13, 2016

mws_vehicleOn Sunday, June 12 and Monday, June 13, Golden Gate Transit will make the following bus schedule changes to improve system efficiency:

Routes 4, 8, 27, 40, 54, 56, 58, 70, 72X, 101, 101X, 580 – Schedules adjusted up to 6 minutes to improve connections and running times.

Van Ness Avenue service – Schedule revisions due to SFMTA’s Van Ness Avenue Bus Rapid Transit construction.

Route 4

  • Southbound trip at 6:49am from E. Blithedale & Tower and northbound trip at 4:54pm from Perry & 3rd reinstated.
  • Northbound trips will NO LONGER serve downtown Sausalito – alternate service available on new Route 30. Early southbound trip WILL continue to serve Sausalito and Marin City (this is updated information).

Route 10

  • Route REPLACED by Route 30. Tam Valley NO LONGER served by Golden Gate Transit.

Route 24

  • Southbound trip at 6:51am from Manor and northbound trip at 4:20pm from Folsom & 7th reinstated.

Route 27

  • Departure and arrival times from/to San Rafael Transit Center adjusted – check timetables carefully.

Route 30 NEW!

  • Route replaces Route 10, with daily service between San Francisco, downtown Sausalito, Marin City, Hwy 101 bus pads, and the San Rafael Transit Center.

Route 31

  • Route DISCONTINUED due to low ridership.
  • Alternate bus service to/from San Francisco available on Route 27 along Miracle Mile and 4th Street and Routes 27, 44, and 101 from the San Rafael Transit Center.
  • Reverse commuters can use Routes 27 and 101 between San Francisco and the San Rafael Transit Center.

Route 37

  • Route DISCONTINUED due to low ridership.
  • Alternate bus service to/from San Francisco available on Routes 44 and 58 from Hwy 101 bus pads, or Route 38 from Merrydale Road.
  • Reverse commuters can use Route 70 between San Francisco and Hwy 101 bus pads.

Route 38

  • Afternoon trips will operate in-service back to Freitas Pkwy.

Route 54

  • Southbound trips at 6:36am and 7:18am from GGT-Novato and northbound trips at 3:50pm from Perry & 3rd and 5:00pm from Folsom & 7th reinstated.
  • UPDATE: Due to a printing error, the North San Pedro bus pad time was omitted on some trips in the Transit Guide.

Route 70

  • Route will NO LONGER serve downtown Sausalito or Lincoln Avenue. Alternate bus service to downtown Sausalito available on Routes 2, 30, and 92. Alternate bus service along Lincoln Avenue available on Marin Transit Route 35 (from San Rafael Transit Center).
  • Route will operate hourly – check timetables carefully.

Route 92

  • All southbound and northbound trips will start/end at Manzanita Park & Ride.
  • Comprehensive schedule revisions – check timetables carefully.

Route 93

  • Southbound trips at 8:40am and 8:50am combined into single southbound trip at 8:45am.

Route 101

  • Weekday southbound trips departing GGT-Santa Rosa at 5:17am and 6:05am (from San Rafael Transit Center at 6:45am and 7:45am, respectively) added.
  • Weekday northbound trip departing Main & Folsom at 5:35pm (from San Rafael Transit Center at 6:45 pm) added.
  • Weekday northbound trip from Main & Folsom at 4:18pm (from San Rafael Transit Center at 5:45pm) extended to GGT-Santa Rosa.
  • Weekend service has significant schedule revisions – check timetables carefully.

More Information

Golden Gate Sausalito Ferry will operate summer schedules from June 20 to September 25, 2016.

Golden Gate Transit regional bus schedules are listed in the Golden Gate Transit Guide. Local Marin bus schedules are now listed in the new Marin Transit Rider’s Guide. Be sure to pick up a copy of one or both guides on your bus! Major changes to Marin Local transit routes take effect June 12, 2016. Visit for more information.

Golden Gate Transit and Golden Gate Ferry fares will increase by 4% on July 1, 2016. Marin local bus fares will remain the same.

For new GGT bus schedules and fares, pick up the Golden Gate Summer 2016 Transit Guide on your bus or ferry, visit or call toll-free 511/TDD 711.


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