Baylink Rider Alert – Repower Schedule Implementation Delayed

Baylink Rider Alert 
The Vallejo Ferry Repower schedule change that was noticed on December 3rd has been delayed while the City of Vallejo evaluates the suitability of a WETA vessel to fill the void created incident to the Repower Project.
The WETA vessel TAURUS will be making test runs to Vallejo on December 17th to evaluate the effect on transit time, and to check fit up of that vessel with the City’s ferry infrastructure.  This evaluation should take a week or so to complete.
The TAURUS has 149 interior seats and operates at 27 knots … she does not match the speed nor the passenger capacity of the Vallejo fleet.  Therefore, some changes to the current ferry schedule would be required to accommodate the slower and smaller vessel.  At first look, these changes would be minor in nature and would not affect any morning commute Vallejo departure times, or any afternoon commute San Francisco departure times.
If the TAURUS is found to be an acceptable vessel for Vallejo service, a revised 3 boat ferry schedule will be promulgated in late January, pending administrative agreements and details to be worked out between the City and WETA.
The changes to the weekend ferry schedule promulgated on December 10, 2010 remain in effect.  
The earliest date for any new schedule incident to the Repower Project will be January 25, 2011.  The City will provide regular updates on this subject as more information becomes available.
The City and WETA both wish to thank all Baylink riders who have provided comments and feedback to date, we appreciate your patience and understanding.