Tiburon Riders: Golden Gate Transfer Notice

Golden Gate Ferry and Blue & Gold Ferry have been hard at work to agree on final lease terms for Golden Gate Ferry to take over Tiburon’s commute ferry service. The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District Board will vote on an updated term sheet on Friday, January 27th, which could allow Golden Gate Ferry to begin service on Monday, January 30th.

Blue & Gold Fleet recognizes the passenger’s frustration.  It’s been a long process and we appreciate everyone’s patience. Thank you for your support and understanding.


Schedule until transfer takes place


Depart TIB                      Arrive FB                     Depart FB                            Arrive TIB           

5:35 AM                           6:10 AM                        6:10 AM                               6:45 AM

6:50 AM                           7:25 AM                        7:30 AM                               8:05 AM

8:10 AM                           8:45 AM                        8:50 AM                               9:25 AM

9:10 AM ****                   9:35 AM ****



Depart FB                       Arrive TIB                   Depart TIB                              Arrive FB             

4:30 PM                           5:05 PM                      5:10 PM                                 5:45 PM

5:50 PM                           6:25 PM                      6:30 PM                                 7:05 PM

6:35 PM ****                 7:05 PM ****              7:10 PM ****                    7:40 PM ****

7:35 PM                           8:10 PM

**** Serviced by a high-speed vessel.